How do I know which side is the adhesive side for my screen protector?

All SPIGEN screen protectors come with a thin plastic sheet to protect the adhesive side of the protector, and some will have the plastic sheet to protect the front of the screen protector as well.

For screen protectors that have only one protective sheet, there should only be one tab that indicates which side of the screen protector is adhesive.

For screen protectors that have two protective sides, it is usually marked by "1 Front" and "2 Back". The "2 Back" is the adhesive side and it indicates that it is the back of the screen protector meant to be placed on the surface of the phone device. The "1 Front" should be taken off once the screen protector is attached to the phone.

Some of SPIGEN screen protectors have the "2 Back" tab and a small clear tab on the front (this is true for all of our Glas.t series). It is basically the same as having the "1 Front" but instead is a small clear tab. The "2 Back" tab is the side of the adhesive.

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